Our Mission:

To play music that inspires the world to sing. To play music for the joy it brings. To play music for the fun of sharing. To celebrate each moment with flow and meter, voice and breathe, words, music and action. To engage the heart-to-heart connection between expanding music maker and veracious listener; each relying on the other for vital life-energy. To honor the muse and pay tribute to the creative spirit that calls to be revealed and expressed. To be a witness to the raw, natural power of creation and the creative force that fuels our soul. To cultivate a universal harmony.

Our Goal:

To study rhythm and mantra. To practice repetition and meditation. To master melody and harmony. To be resonance and vibration. To celebrate the positive vibrations and the inspired, profound and subtle impact music plays in transforming all of our life’s experiences. To be playful with that delicate and powerful creative energy and become the instrument thru which individual expression flows and is shared by the whole of its parts.

Our Philosophy:

To inspire spirit and co-creation among all things. To encourage understanding toward diversity and change allowing and accepting the opportunity for growth and transformation. To awaken the collective spirit with vibrations of music, joy and truth evoking well being and resonating love, love, love. Music is the method. Truth is the message.

To create harmony and understanding within ourselves, our environment, our surroundings and our fellow earthlings. Within ourselves and outside of ourselves. To ultimately see it all as ourselves; the plants, the trees, technology the bees, the planet, the seeds, the stars and the breeze, the people, the faces and the cells that make up the spaces of everything. To support a community that recognizes its need for all its parts; the essential nature of sharing. We share music.

Who We Are:

The Truthseekers is an ever-expanding family of music makers, creators, healers and naturalists celebrating and supporting the words and music of bandleader, songsmith and visionary Eric DeArmon in an effort to co-create a community of forward thinkers, conscious doers and harmonious beings.