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Eric DeArmon: Lead Vocals, Wurlitzer
Mark Pistonami: Guitar
Sokusai “Tak” Takahiro: Bass
David Mason: Drums
Matt Parker: Tenor Sax
Lex Samu: Trumpet
Kirsten “KK” Kairos: Tambourine, Djembe, Percussion, Background Vocals
Julia Joseph: Background Vocals

WEATHERMAN – Kirsten “KK” Kairos: Lead Vocals
WHAT’S MINE – Maximilian DeArmon: Featured Vocals
THINGS FALL APART – Chandni Punia: Raga Vocals, Loren Oppenheimer: Tabla, Kirsten “KK” Kairos: Triangle, Sruti Box
GREATEST OF THE WORLD – Steven Weiss: Native American Flute, Naoki Uemura: Bass, Kirsten “KK” Kairos: Crystal Bowl, Chandni Punia: Background Vocals

Meet… The Truthseekers
There’s that feeling of anticipation before the first key is pressed, the first stick impacts the snare.  It’s that moment when you open and remove the plastic and are enveloped by that smell like no other.   It’s that moment when you hold it in your hands, latent with promise and mystery.  This is that album. It’s that moment after the stylus drops with an audible click then the faint organic hum followed by slight pop as the needle rounds the corner, down in the groove.  And it moves the soul and your spine stands upright under your skin because you don’t know what is next, but you know it’s going to be exciting, electric.  And after two turns at 33 ⅓, it hits like an aural freight train, overwhelming with a Wurli like Wonder, beats from Senegal, the belt of Mahalia and the grit of Levon.  And beneath it all lies the sorrow, joy, hope, sadness, optimism, religion, faith and love of three millennia of humankind as we’ve learned it while confined within this greenblue marble.  Regrets are heard, processed and then swept away, kept as a reminder of what was, but not what will be. And you’re on your feet and you don’t know what’s being said or who’s playing what, because you are one with your fellow to the left and right, above and below you.  Futures of open minds and hearts are dictated by the past through rhythms of 145th and Amsterdam Avenue and ancient melodies of Varanasi and wails of Muscle Shoals.  And with that, with the last downbeat and the final chord and the trailing note of an Esquire, you’ve entered into a contract; a promise – held sacred that each today is a new day, blessed like no other before it.  And with each tomorrow you’ll renew this vow as man, as human, as a being.  Because you have a gift.  We all do. That gift is life, music, soul and that there ain’t nothing funny ‘bout peace, love and understanding.  This is their message.  This is their music.  This is their Truth.
Austin Tyler Rogers